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Help Your Child Build Confidence by Transitioning into Orthodontic Work

Being a parent is no easy feat — especially the last couple of years. Thanks to COVID, you had to add even more titles to your daily “job description:” teacher, doctor, tech support…the list goes on!

But along with these added responsibilities came great accomplishments. You had multiple curve balls thrown at you and made it through them all.

At Premier Orthodontics, we want to commend parents and caregivers like you for all your hard work throughout the pandemic and beyond. And we strive to continually support you however we can along the way.

We know orthodontic care is crucial to families. Straight and healthy teeth don’t just build confidence and self-esteem — although those are massive perks your child deserves. Having a healthy mouth also helps aid the digestive system by aiding in biting and chewing and can help improve speech.

That’s why we worked extra hard to not only stay open throughout the pandemic but to provide a healthy, safe environment for you and your family to visit with a commitment to COVID protocols and a pre-screening process for patients. We follow all best practices and guidance from the American Association of Orthodontists and the American Academy of Dental Practice.

Kids grow up quickly, with changing oral health needs every year. By the time your child grows in all their permanent teeth (age 7), it’s time for your child to transition from pediatric dental care to orthodontic treatment.

We look forward to being your family’s orthodontic partner in 2022. From age 7 and up, here’s why your child should come in for their first orthodontic checkup, and what you can expect on your child’s orthodontic journey.

Orthodontics for 7-8-Year-Olds

At this age, your child has begun to grow in a majority of their permanent teeth. While it’s rare for orthodontic procedures to occur during this stage, it’s an optimal age for preventative care.

Have you noticed your child having any issues with biting or chewing, pronouncing certain words, or struggling with crowded teeth? If so, it’s likely time to schedule a free evaluation at Premier Orthodontics.

We approach early orthodontics care in 2 phases:

Phase 1

In phase 1, your orthodontist will aid you in a plan to help your child’s facial and muscular structure grow strong. They’ll help ensure that all your child’s permeant teeth grow in at the right spots with plenty of room for the other permanent teeth.

At your child’s first orthodontist exam, our orthodontists will examine your child’s jaw and predict any orthodontic work that your child might need in the future.

Phase 2

Phase 2 begins anywhere from a few months to a few years later depending on your child’s orthodontic needs.

If needed, your orthodontist will apply braces or other methods to further align your child’s bite by repositioning the teeth and jaw.

Orthodontics for Children Ages 13+

By the time your child is a preteen or teen, all their permanent teeth have typically grown in. This gives our orthodontists a better idea of your child’s specific orthodontic needs at this time.

This is also a great age for orthodontic procedures since pre-teens and teens can always use an added boost of self-confidence. Since the pandemic, many teens are now are experiencing low levels of confidence and high levels of stress and depression.

While a straight, healthy smile won’t solve everything, giving your child a reason to feel more confident at this age certainly doesn’t hurt!

At Premier Orthodontics, beyond traditional metal braces, we also offer modern orthodontic options like clear braces and clear aligners that are discrete and just as effective as traditional braces. That means your child won’t have to worry about their orthodontics interfering with their style or appearance.

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Types of Orthodontic Services We Offer

At Premier Orthodontics in California, we offer many different orthodontic options and services to suit your child’s specific needs and preferences. In addition to clear braces and clear aligners, we also offer the following orthodontic procedures:

  • OrthoPulse: a 10-minute a day alignment treatment using light therapy that patients can perform comfortably on their own at home. 
  • Acceledent works with your child’s retainer and sends micro-pulses that gently move teeth into place, accelerating the speed of alignment.  
  • Itero Digital Impressions: A highly accurate, high-tech examination tool that creates 3D models of your child’s mouth as well as an example of the process leading to the final outcome: straight, healthy teeth.

We also offer reliable orthodontic surgery for our patients. This may be needed for impacted teeth, dental implants, facial infections, facial injuries, sleep apnea, TMJ disorders, and other issues.

Our mission is always to provide your family with the best care and to bring your child a healthy and confident smile. The confidence we provide doesn’t stop at straight teeth, either.

With proper orthodontic care, your child is less likely to experience painful and embarrassing tooth decay. Straight teeth make for fewer crevices for plaque and food to hide in — which could lead to costly cavity fillings down the line!

Get Ahead of the Game with Orthodontics for Kids

You pride yourself on giving your child the best chance at health and happiness possible. Ensuring they’re confident with their smile means more joy for all of you!

We plan to keep delivering the same safe, fun, and effective orthodontic services to you and your child in 2022. We look forward to sharing the joy of healthy teeth and becoming your child’s orthodontic partners!

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