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Clear Aligners Overview

Clear aligners are transparent retainers custom-fitted to your teeth and worn continuosly to correct mild to moderate orthodontic conditions. Clear aligners are created using 3D printing technology to create an advanced orthodontic device precisely formed to your teeth amazing accuracy. Because clear aligners allow you to straighten your teeth without having fixed bracket braces, they’re very convenient. In some cases, clear aligners can actually correct mild to moderate orthodontic conditions faster than traditional metal braces which attach brackets to your teeth.

Are Clear Aligners and Invisalign the same?

Invisalign is a brand of clear aligners and is the leading maker of this technology. Clear aligners and Invisalign® use the same concept of fitted transparent aligners straighten teeth while maintaining a very discreet appearance.

Invisalign has a range of proprietary software and other adjacent technologies which assist your orthodontist in projecting the final result of your treatment and making adjustments to your aligners as your treatment progresses in order to achieve optimal alignment. Other brands of clear aligners can also be effective, but don’t necessarily include access to the same software and treatment details as Invisalign.

So, while Invisalign are clear aligners, not all clear aligners are not Invisalign. As with many things, the brand name of the company which pioneered the technology tends to become synonymous with the technology itself—in this case, leading casual observers to call all clear aligners “Invisalign”, when Invisalign is actually a brand of clear aligners.

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