Reduce Orthodontic Treatment Time
By Up To 50%

OrthoPulse Orthodontic Treatment

Orthopulse is an orthodontic device that serves as an adjunct to other orthodontic treatments like braces and Invisalign. Orthopulse is used approximately 10 minutes per day to increase the speed at which your teeth shift from their current position and into an optimized position. OrthoPulse has been thoroughly tested in many studies which have found it can reduce orthodontic treatment time using braces by up to 50% and reduce treatment time using Invisalign by up to 60%. OrthoPulse is a device patients use themselves at home and doesn’t require office visits to administer, although regular office visits are part of any overarching orthodontic treatment plan. OrthoPulse is a very new product on the market and it’s goal of reducing orthodontic treatment time makes it similar to other branded treatments like Acceledent Aura. Our goal is to provide the best resource for braces and orthodontic treatments in Thousand Oaks, Oxnard, and throughout Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties, therefore we are constantly expanding the treatments we provide to include the newest and most sophisticated treatments and devices.

How does Orthopulse reduce treatment time?

Orthopulse works using light therapy to stimulate the bone and gum tissue. This process increases the regeneration process of tissues around the teeth which allows teeth to shift faster, shortening the time required for teeth to move into the optimized position. OrthoPulse is safe, painless, simple, and the light therapy can actually reduce the feeling of pressure or soreness on your teeth.