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Acceledent Aura

Acceledent Aura Orthodontic Treatments

Acceledent Aura is an orthodontic device which supplements the use of other devices like clear retainers. Acceledent fits around your retainer, and wearing it for only 20 minutes per day can help to increase the speed at which your teeth shift into an optimized position. Acceledent creates small pulses which help teeth gently make their way through gum and bone tissue faster than retainers or braces based treatments without Acceledent. Acceledent works with Invisalign and other systems of clear aligners, and is a popular treatment tools for patients looking for the shortest possible treatment time. In some mild cases, patients have been able to complete their Invisalign treatments in conjunction with Acceledent Aura in six months.

Wear Acceledent Aura For 20 Minutes Per Day To Accelerate Orthodontic Treatment

Acceledent Aura is easy to use, the massaging sensation can actually help ease any discomfort caused by adjacent devices like Invisalign causing discomfort as teeth shift, and the 20 minutes per day during which the device is worn can take place anyway, so you can drive, walk, or do most daily activities while completing your daily regiment of Acceledent Aura. Premier Orthodontics is focused on providing the most diverse range of orthodontic treatments and options using the best and latest devices and technology. Please contact us to see if Acceledent Aura is possible with your ongoing orthodontic treatment.