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To provide the best orthodontic treatment requires the best technology. While the final result of any patient’s orthodontic treatment is dependent on the skill of the orthodontist, having tools which provide advanced insights and analysis allows the care provider to create highly personalized treatment plans for each patient’s unique case. The iTero Digital Impression System allows the orthodontist to assess your case, plan your treatment, and project future results in granular, precise detail. The iTero Digital Impression System is part of the greater iTero orthodontic ecosystem of imaging and analysis tools. Besides providing a high level of comfort and convenience for patients, one of the most useful features of iTero is its optimized Invisalign connectivity. iTero interfaces with the Invisalign system to use a patient’s digital impressions to create 3D models of customized Invisalign clear aligners, and to simulate the outcome of Invisalign treatment, a feature only available using the iTero Digital Impression System. Seeing the results that can be achieved using Invisalign in real time is an important feature that helps many patients choose between Invisalign and Invisalign Teen or other orthodontic solutions.

During the course of orthodontic treatment, the iTero system is continuously used to track the patient’s progress in dual-view mode which displays the patient’s present day treatment progress alongside their projected final result. The orthodontist uses a similar concept in more technical and granular detail, including the ability to analyze progress in terms of anterior-posterior correction, to guide the treatment process and make adjustments in order to reach results close to the simulated final positions. Impressions collected using the iTero system are the preferred source material by Invisalign. There are numerous reasons to use iTero in conjunction with Invisalign. Invisalign cases performed in conjunction with the iTero system are seven times less likely to experience problems with the clear aligners fitting properly, treatment plans are produced twice as fast, and iTero impressions are one thousand percent more likely to be accepted by the Invisalign system than other types of impressions.

iTero Helps With More Than Just Invisalign Cases

iTero has benefits for treatments besides Invisalign. iTero scans can be exported in a universal STL format that is accepted by most third-party providers of orthodontic devices and treatments and with cone beam CT data. What this means for you as the patient is that you’re impressions are being captured and examining use the definitive resource in orthodontic and dental care. The iTero Digital Impression System interfaces with a comprehensive range of orthodontic software, modeling systems, and other applications which analyze nuanced tooth data, arch width, overbite measurements, and other data about your case in extensive detail.

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Choosing an orthodontic treatment is an important decision. Researching your options online can help you become a little more familiar with what’s available, but in order to know what’s possible for your unique case you need an orthodontic evaluation. We recommend scheduling a free orthodontic evaluation at one of our offices in Thousand Oaks, Oxnard, or Carpinteria where we can assess your case, take digital impressions, and explain your treatment options in terms you can understand.