Branded Options for
Premier Care

Branded Orthodontic Treatments

Premier Orthodontics customizes each patient’s orthodontic treatment for their unique case. In many cases, patients can benefit from orthodontic care provided in conjunction with third party devices or treatments. We provide orthodontic care using a variety of branded orthodontic treatments and techniques including Invisalign and Invisalign Teen, the iTero Digital Impression System, Acceledent Aura, Clarity Ceramic Brackets, OrthoPulse, SureSmile, Damon Braces, and other treatments and devices when appropriate for the case.

Premier Orthodontics recognizes the value that certain branded treatments can bring to certain cases, and when a branded treatment fits into the orthodontist’s treatment strategy and can help a patient meet treatment criteria such as speed of treatment, cost of treatment, visual discretion, or other criteria, we’ll carefully advise you regarding these options and help you make an informed decision. We currently offer the following branded orthodontic treatments: Invisalign, Invisalign Teen, iTero Digital Impressions, Acceledent Aura, Clarity Ceramic Brackets, SureSmile, and Damon Braces.

Some patients ask which brands of orthodontic treatments are recommended by the American Association of Orthodontics. The AAO does not specifically favor any particular appliance. Although most orthodontic conditions can be correlated to existing or previously completed cases, it is not the appliance itself which corrects an orthodontic conditions, it is the skill and intuition of the Orthodontist. Therefore, depending on your unique case, there are many appliances which may be the best. The AAO can not issue blanket recommendations because each individual orthodontist must assess their patient and determine if any particular branded orthodontic treatment is an intelligent match for that case.

Curious About Branded Orthodontic Treatments?

To understand if any of these branded orthodontic treatments are possible for use on your case, you’ll need to be evaluated by an orthodontist. If you’re considering orthodontic treatment, we recommend scheduling a free evaluation at any of our three offices. An evaluation assesses your case, explains your options, and is the first step towards achieving a healthy, attractive smile.