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Premier Orthodontics has offices in Thousand Oaks, Oxnard, and Carpinteria, and provides the most diverse combination of orthodontic treatments and specialist staff operating in an expansive, modern orthodontic facility. We guide you through every phase of the orthodontic care process, from initial consultation, to treatment options, financial arrangements, and every detail of your treatment from your first appointment to your last.

Your First Orthodontic Evaluation

Orthodontic treatment starts with an evaluation by one of our orthodontists. During your first evaluation we’ll take digital impressions, a doctor will review your medical history, assess your oral health, determine if you can benefit from orthodontic treatment, and then recommend and design the best treatment plan based on your unique case. We understand that orthodontics are most likely new to you, and we carefully explain your case and you treatment options in terms you can understand. Premier Orthodontics provides an inviting, friendly, family-oriented atmosphere designed to make every patient and their family members feel comfortable, welcome, and appreciated at all times. After consulting with the orthodontist, you’ll be provided with your options going forward. There is no pressure to make a same-day decision. We understand the commitment involved in choosing to receive orthodontic care, and we won’t move forward with any treatment until everyone involved is comfortable and understands every aspect of the recommended treatment.

Paying For Orthodontic Care

Our goal is to make it possible for every person who can benefit from orthodontic care to be able to pay for orthodontic care. We provide interest free financing for every patient seeking financing. We don’t perform credit checks, we don’t charge interest, we create monthly payment plans that work for you, and this financing is available to everyone.

Getting Started With Your Orthodontic Treatment

Once you decide on an orthodontic treatment you’ll be scheduled for your first appointment. During this appointment, the doctor will apply your braces, retainer, or other orthodontic device, and explain how to care for them. You’ll be scheduled for regular follow up appointments to monitor your progress, adjust your devices, and make sure you’re feeling comfortable. You’ll still need to visit your regular family dentist for regular checkups. Maintaining healthy teeth and gums is an important part of your orthodontic care. When necessary, we’ll check in with your family dentist to update them on your orthodontic treatment so that they understand your case in detail and can plan your regular dental care accordingly.