Case Study #1

Braces and Overcrowded Teeth

Patient profile and introduction

We’re conducting initial treatment for a 13-year old male patient using traditional metal braces. He could become a candidate for Invisalign Teen, a treatment which he can be migrated to approximately 12 months into the case. But due to his active lifestyle and the initial assessment of his oral health, starting this treatment with metal braces is the best way to proceed.

Profile picture of patient
Profile picture of patient

Why does this patient benefit from orthodontic treatment?

The patient’s initial consult revealed two primary problems. Bottom row crowding is present, and there is no room for the upper canines. Orthodontic treatment will provide jaw expansion and create the space necessary for all teeth to exist comfortably with sufficient space, and will ensure excellent alignment and create an optimized bite.

Stated problem 1
Stated problem 2
Photographs illustrating stated orthodontic problems

Patient Imaging and X-rays

Patient Imaging 1
Imaging 1 - Bottom row crowding
X-ray 2
X-ray 2 - Insufficient space for seating of upper canines
X-ray 3
X-ray 3 - Other visual aid highlighting orthodontic challenges

Expansion of Jaw Bone

In order to adjust the structure of the teeth to optimize the patient’s bite, the jaw bone actually has to be carefully stretched over time to make room for the other teeth. Additional description of jaw bone expansion.

Expansion Technique 1
Expansion Technique 2
Expansion technique visual aids - possibly before and after photos from completed cases

Orthodontic treatment details

  • For a 13 year old boy with a medium need for expansion and bite optimization, recommend traditional metal braces.
  • Starting now allows the still growing jaw to be adjusted and realigned for long term oral health and aesthetics.
  • Premier Orthodontics provides comprehensive orthodontic treatment options including traditional metal braces and Invisalign, and has been awarded Super Elite status as an Invisalign provider. Invisalign is a wonderful solution, but in this case the patient is better treated with traditional metal braces.

Treatment time

  • 2 years total
  • 1 year for bone growth
  • 1 year for ortho
  • Office visits every 8 weeks

Patient feedback and comments

  • Nervous about treatment but excited to see results, and understands the long term importance of ortho care.
  • Many peers are also receiving ortho treatment so not concerned about appearing awkward or uncomfortable.

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