BreeAnna case Study
Open Bite - SureSmile

Female youth treated for open bite using SureSmile custom archwires in our Oxnard Office

BreeAnna is a female youth patient treated by Dr. Thomas Lee at our Oxnard office. This patient was diagnosed with an anterior open bite. An open bite is an orthodontic condition in which one or more areas of the patient’s teeth do not make contact when the jaw is fully closed. In BreeAnna’s case, as you can see in the visual aids, her back teeth made contact when biting down, but her front teeth did not, therefore her condition was considered to be an anterior open bite. Open bites are common orthodontic problems, and anterior open bites are more common than posterior open bites, but we see both conditions regularly.

SureSmile Custom Archwires

Dr. Lee used the SureSmile custom archwire system to design BreeAnna’s treatment plan. SureSmile is a system which allows the doctor to take a digital impression of the patient’s teeth and create a three dimensional digital design which details the exact placement of the brackets and the orientation of the archwire. When the treatment plan is finalized, the design is submitted to SureSmile where the custom archwires are created in their lab using specialized equipment and then delivered to the orthodontist’s office. Dr. Lee carried out this process and applied metal brackets and the custom archwires to BreeAnna’s teeth.

Treatment Completed in 20 Months

SureSmile is an effective tool because it allows the orthodontist to plan the treatment with precision, and predict nuances of tooth movement and root position, providing a high level of control. While each case is unique, the advanced control and detailed treatment planning made possible by SureSmile generally results in shorter treatment times compared to treatment using metal braces without SureSmile. BreeAnna’s treatment was completed in 20 months, which is excellent for an open bite case. BreeAnna continues to wear retainers at night to ensure that her teeth remain in their current optimal position. It’s common to wear retainers for approximately one year following orthodontic treatment, but in some cases an orthodontist may recommend longer periods of time depending on the nature of the case.

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