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Clear Braces

Clear braces can be an excellent solution for straightening your teeth using discrete braces which are not easily noticeable. Premier Orthodontics offers both clear braces and Invisalign as more aesthetic options for orthodontic care. Invisalign is clear removable aligners, and there are somes cases in which Invisalign isn’t an effective orthodontic treatment.

Clear braces use the same concept as traditional metal braces to realign teeth - brackets attached to teeth and supported by wires. What makes clear braces unique is that the brackets are constructed using a special ceramic material which can be either transparent or can be color matched to discreetly blend in with the patient’s teeth.

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Clear Braces or Invisalign

If you’re interested in clear braces or Invisalign, then you’re obviously seeking a teeth straightening solution which is designed for certain aesthetic considerations during the orthodontic treatment. Comparing clear braces to Invisalign is a natural part of the decision making process for any patient seeking an alternative to traditional metal braces. Although each solution provides a discrete cosmetic appearance, a major part of your decision is going to depend on your case and the specific nature of your orthodontic complication.

When Clear Braces are the Best Option

There are certain orthodontic cases which Invisalign can’t correct as well as (or at all compared to) traditional bracket and wire braces. For patients with severe cases of Crossbite, Malocclusions, severely crooked teeth, other jaw abnormalities, the more passive design of Invisalign won’t be able to bring the dramatic structural changes necessary to optimize your jaw position, bite, and smile. Braces are able to create more dramatic alterations, and if you have a severe example of an orthodontic condition, then a dramatic alteration might be exactly what you need. In cases such as these, Invisalign won’t be an option for you, but using clear ceramic braces we can minimize the appearance of your braces while still working to optimize your bite and improve your oral health. So if you have a severe orthodontic case and having a discreet orthodontic device is a priority, then clear braces are the best option for your case.

When Clear Braces are Not the Best Option

Clear braces are never a wrong option. They can resolve any orthodontic problem that traditional metal braces can address, but they do it with the added benefit of using either clear or color matched ceramic brackets. So regardless of your orthodontic condition, clear braces are always a great option for you.

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Deciding On Orthodontic Treatment

There’s a lot of options to consider. The best treatment plan for you is dependent on your unique case. Before you can start thinking about which option to choose, you should first schedule an evaluation. Our doctors will carefully evaluate your case, develop a treatment plan unique to you, and then provide you with device and pricing options.

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