For Faster Results
Follow Your Care Regimen

Caring for Braces

Caring for your braces properly helps keep your teeth healthy during orthodontic treatment and protects your braces.

Deciding What to Eat

Certain foods are difficult to eat with braces, and will unfortunately need to be avoided while your braces are on. Foods you shouldn’t eat with braces (unless your orthodontist specifically tells you it’s ok are super chewy things like very thick breads, gummy bears or other gummy candies, very crunchy things like nuts or hard candies, gum, or things that require a lot of biting force like raw carrots.

In general, the easier a food is to chew, the safer it is for your braces. Super soft things like jello, ice cream, banana bread, soft pasta, shredded chicken, almost all fish, baked potatoes, soft fruits, etc. Use your best judgement - if a food seems like it might be difficult to eat, avoid it. If you start eating something and it makes your braces or teeth uncomfortable at all, stop eating.

Managing Discomfort

It’s normal for your mouth to feel sore and uncomfortable at first. Your mouth needs to adjust to having braces and over time they will become comfortable. Some patients find relief by gargling warm salt water. Mild pain relievers can be used as well to ease the discomfort.

Teeth are supposed to loosen up a bit after having braces installed - it’s the only way they can shift into position. Your teeth are not going to fall out or stay loose. If you notice excessive looseness, call your orthodontist just to be sure. Once your teeth are in the optimal position, they will tighten back up completely.

Maintaining Wires & Brackets

It's important that patients are vigilant about diet and habits to ensure that the wires and brackets don’t become loose! Those should not loosen much between office visits, and if they do, you’ll need to call your orthodontist and to come in for a quick adjustment.

It pays off to follow all of your orthodontist’s instructions. The closer you follow your care regimen, the faster you will experience results, which means you can get your braces off faster.