Using Invisalign to Correct Diastema

by Premier Orthodontics

Using Invisalign to Correct Diastema.

Diastema is a scientific term used to describe a space, gap, opening, or distance between two teeth. Diastema can occur across sets of molars or any pair of teeth, but in most cases such as the example shown here, the space is present between the two front teeth on top. Diastema can develop for a variety of reasons, including habit based causes like tongue thrust, or in many cases the patient’s jaw simply has slightly too much space for their teeth to sit flush together in the natural position.

Some people with mild cases of diastema can be perfectly comfortable with a gap in their teeth, but the case shown here is a more severe example where there is a significant rift between the top front teeth, as well as marked spaces between the lower front teeth. This is a case that is treatable using Invisalign. In addition to needing to address the spacing issues in the front teeth, this patient’s bite needed to be opened up and optimized. You’ll notice in the after images that while the gap occuring in the patient’s front teeth is eliminated, the rest of their teeth are brought into alignment beautifully.

Before Invisalign

Diastema case before Invisalign

After Invisalign

Diastema case after Invisalign

16-month Treatment Time

The short 16-month treatment time is an excellent example of the ability of Invisalign to correct orthodontic conditions quickly. To be able to resolve these spacing issues without any extractions or invasive treatments is a further endorsement of Invisalign’s capability, and to be able to use a visually discreet orthodontic appliance during the course of the treatment is a major part of Invisalign’s appeal. To ensure that the patient’s space would not reform following his Invisalign treatment, we carefully placed a bonded lingual retainer on the back of his upper centrals.

Cases like this are classic examples of why we’re passionate supporters of the Invisalign solution - we see the real-world results it brings to patients.

To be endorsed by the Invisalign company as a Super Elite Top 1% provider is a genuinely rewarding accolade, because it signifies that we’re one of the absolute best practitioners of an orthodontic solution which is one of the most versatile, convenient, and effective treatment methods available. To be able to provide next-level orthodontic care that is convenient for patients and achieves beautiful results is exactly why we’re here.

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