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About OrthoPulse™

OrthoPulse™ is a clinically approved and safe medical device using photobiomodualation (5850nm near infrared light) with a one-size-fits-all, soft, medical-grade silicone mouthpiece to be used 10 minutes per day for self-treatment by the patient at home or away.

OrthoPulse™ Light Accelerated Orthodontics is clinically proved, significantly affects the biology of tooth movement, and dramatically reduces orthodontic treatment of choice, on average of 50% faster treatment with braces and an average of 60% faster with clear aligners.

Orthodontic treatment time can vary based upon treatment mechanics, patient compliance, and the individual patient's biology.

Light Accelerated Orthodontics™

  • Orthodontic treatment of choice, braces or clear aligners using OrthoPulse™ Light Accelerated Orthodontics™ will get the patient to a great smile in significantly less time, with less discomfort.
  • The OrthoPulse™ allows patients to easily accelerate their own orthodontic treatment with a 10-minute self-treatment everyday at home or away. It's that simple!
  • OrthoPulse™ treatment is based on safe technology and is an approved medical device, designed by orthodontists.
  • Reduced orthodontic treatment time can help prevent associated intraoral health concerns such as decalcification and gingival recession.