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Ventura County Invisalign: Narrow upper and lower dental arches.

We recently completed a case for a female youth patient in Ventura County using Invisalign. She was diagnosed as having narrow upper and lower dental arches, as well as rotated and crowded teeth. Narrow arches can cause a variety of functional breathing problems because of the constricted airway that narrow arches can cause. Not all patients with narrow arches have breathing problems, but it is a common occurrence.

Asymmetry created by the crowding

In this particular case, the primary cause of concern related to these narrow arches was the asymmetry created by the crowding, and this made Invisalign a natural treatment solution. We were able to map out a treatment plan which would reshape her upper and lower dental arches, subtly widen the overall shape of the smile, correct the position of any rotated teeth, and generally optimize the alignment of her teeth.

Invisalign treatment completed in 24 months.

When narrow arches are identified in young patients - often around ages 8 to 14 - an orthodontist can perform forms of Early Orthodontic Treatment which seek to correct these issues while the patient’s facial structure is still forming. Young patients have malleable facial structures which are more receptive to expansion treatments than older teenagers and young adults whose facial structures are fully formed. In this particular case, Invisalign treatment alone was able to accomplish sufficient expansion and alignment over the course of two years. The patient is extremely pleased with her new smile, and the fact that she was able to accomplish this result while enjoying the convenience of Invisalign is another endorsement of Invisalign treatment. Premier Orthodontics was recently given the title of Diamond+ Invisalign Provider - the only orthodontist in Ventura County with that distinction.

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Invisalign and Traditional Braces


Traditional Metal Braces can generally be seen easily due to the metal brackets that are glued to the patient’s teeth. In some cases enamel colored metal brackets can be used for a more discrete appearance. Invisalign uses transparent plastic retainers. These are not easily noticeable, and the casual observer will not notice that you’re wearing retainers unless they look very closely.

Treatment Time

Traditional metal braces require two years to treat an average case. Invisalign requires slightly less treatment time for an average case, and significantly less time for mild cases.


With most practices, Invisalign can cost more than twice the amount of traditional metal braces. Because we’re a Top 1% Elite Invisalign provider, we can actually provide Invisalign treatment for the same cost as traditional braces, and even lower in some cases.

Office Visits

The frequency of your office visits is dependent on your unique case and the treatment plan developed by your doctor. Most patients will require office visits every 4-8 weeks.

Traditional Metal Braces Advantages

Metal braces are able to correct some complex cases more effectively than Invisalign. Your doctor will assess your case and determine if Invisalign is a good treatment option for you.

Invisalign Advantages

Invisalign provides a discrete visual appearance which is an important deciding factor for many patients, but another important feature is the ability to remove the retainers. Invisalign allows you to remove the retainers prior to eating (in fact, they must be removed prior to eating), so you don’t experience any of the food limitations that metal braces can present. Invisalign in general is also less intrusive and more comfortable because you’re only wearing retainers, and nothing is attached to your teeth.