Braces That Are More Discreet
Mostly Transparent Like Invisalign

Clarity Ceramic Braces Treatments

Clarity ceramic braces are conventional bracket-and-wire braces that are more discreet and difficult to notice because the ceramic material used for the brackets is very similar in color and appearance to your natural teeth. While there are other orthodontic devices which are mostly transparent like Invisalign, they can’t necessarily correct moderate to severe orthodontic conditions with the effectiveness of bracket-and-wire braces systems. For patients requiring more intensive treatments, but still desiring an increased level of visual discretion, Clarity Ceramic Braces are a great option. Invisalign is a fantastic system for the right case, but the nature of orthodontics is such that without attaching actual brackets to teeth, the amount of tooth movement and the direction of tooth movement is limited in comparison. When patient’s cases aren’t a good match, but they want the brackets on their teeth to be a little less obvious, Clarity Ceramic Braces are a good option.

If you’re investigating your options for orthodontic care, there’s never been a better time. Excellent orthodontic research and developments in special materials and manufacturing methods have it possible to produce ceramic brackets which are variable in color and which perform just as well as traditional metal brackets. Our goal is to provide the best resource for orthodontics in Thousand Oaks, Oxnard, and Carpinteria, and part of being the best resource is providing the most options and the most up to date treatments. If you’re considering any of our orthodontic treatments, we suggest that you schedule a free evaluation. Every patient and every case is unique. We’ll be able to assess your case, explain your options, and allow you to make an informed decision for your orthodontic treatment.